"I am an Executive Director for a privately owned multinational, and have held a variety of senior global roles, regional and local roles in the UK, Europe and North America. I first met Dr Nath in 2013, when I was initially referred to him by my occupation health provider. Subsequently, I then employed him to continue working with me as an Executive Coach. I have therefore experienced significant personal and professional interactions with Dr Nath coming up to four years.

I have a huge amount of gratitude to give Dr Nath. Not only has he helped me with my initial anxiety/stress related to work but he has given me a huge amount of support and guidance as a Senior Executive as I continue to develop in my career. Everything is done professionally and the time and effort put in during sessions, and in between, has been fantastic. He always follows up and offers challenge and support when I need it.

Dr Nath is honest in his feedback and always acts with integrity in his work. Everything is kept confidential, which I value."

"I have been working with Dr Nath for over four years as part of my Executive coaching. One key benefit of using Dr Nath is that he has had a background in business but works with me on creating the right impact around others through creating the right leadership style. In addition to this, he has helped create breakthroughs with my team – direct reports or even key stakeholders in order for us all to get to a better outcome."

"I have had the pleasure of Dr Nath's work with me over eight sessions. I had an idea of what I wanted to get out of working with Dr Nath and where I wanted to be at the end; however, he assisted me in opening up to thinking in ways I had not thought previously. I felt comfortable discussing issues that were at times difficult but felt through consultation that I was able to come to terms and work them through, which helped immensely. My experience with Dr Nath has been fantastic, extremely rewarding and fulfilling. I definitely feel this is one of the best decisions I have made. I saw sessions as self investment and now feel more confident and comfortable with myself."

“I received Executive Coaching services from Dr Nath for over three years. During this extensive period of time, a significant amount of ground was covered. He was able to work in a very versatile way, covering both professional and personal development. Indeed, one particular session that really stands out in my mind is one in which a specific event had left me feeling extremely vulnerable and I happened to be meeting with Dr Nath that day. Fortunately, he was absolutely brilliant and enabled me to look at the situation with increased clarity and objectivity, and to recognise the areas in which I needed to take action. Having such a balanced and ‘clear’ way of looking at things is, for me, one of his strengths, and this in turn gives strength to the individual he is working with. In short, he has the capacity to empower others in making effective and sound decisions. I have found Dr Nath to be non-judgemental, supportive and intellectually stimulating. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with him, as have the other senior members of my Company. His work with us all has been absolutely invaluable. Thank you!”

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"I've always been what you might call "a worrier" but hadn't realised until 2015 just what a negative impact anxiety was having on my relationships and career. Having a child had brought a lot of anxiety to the fore and when I returned to work after maternity leave, I found it very difficult to switch off the constant stream of panic in my head. I saw Dr Nath for approximately 6 months and he helped enormously. In fact, just knowing that there was someone who clearly had a thorough professional understanding of the situation gave me a huge amount of confidence and made me feel less out of control. Dr Nath taught me techniques to address the negative thoughts I was experiencing and to neutralise them. Essentially, the sessions I attended with Dr Nath showed me that it was ok to be me, and gave me the confidence and internal stability to leave a career which had made me very unhappy for years. He was really helpful when I was not at my most rational and two years on, I feel happier than I have in a long time."

"I was experiencing the most difficult time of my life a few years ago when I went through a break up with the partner with whom I share a child. I was struggling to deal with the separation, accepting becoming a single mother and other family issues, and my ways of coping had been alcohol and denial.

Dr Nath has been life changing for me. He was brilliant in helping me to address my issues; something I was previously unwilling and unable to do. He provided me a professional understanding of my behaviour and made me feel sane again. Through working with Dr Nath, I have developed specific mechanisms to cope with daily life without feeling stressed and anxious. I can't recommend him highly enough."

"When I first met Dr Nath I had spent many months feeling as if I was silently drowning in unhappiness. I was struggling to cope with the responsibilities of my everyday life. My inability to fall pregnant and my experience of miscarriage provoked feelings that I couldn't control - when I live a life in which I think I can control most things. My relationship was also suffering badly. Dr Nath helped me to find a way forward and was responsive to my feedback and the things I wanted to focus on. My husband took part when appropriate and felt that his wife was in good hands. Dr Nath was also good at bringing our sessions to a close when they weren't needed anymore. I am immensely grateful."

“I first sought out Dr Nath to help me with a difficult family situation. His help has far transcended the particular problem I arrived with! Thanks to his support and insight, I am feeling joyful, free and young again. The responsibilities of family, job and life are still there, but I no longer find them oppressive. Quite the opposite: my family and I are more candid and collaborative with each other; I am enjoying my job more than ever, and I have learned to preserve time for myself. I am even rediscovering the 'social courage' I had as a student, when it was so easy to make new friends. It is a wonderful experience to find myself, in my fifties, in a state of mind that reminds me of my twenties. I have no doubt this is thanks to Dr Nath. He brings an extraordinary range of professional skills, creativity and wisdom to our sessions. Every session is different, and every session makes the world feel like an easier place to live.”

"Over the last three years under the guidance of Dr Nath I have made immeasurable progress with social anxiety and depression that stem from my sexual identity. Real world examples of how this has changed my life include coming out as gay and winning a public speaking competition, despite originally being extremely shy. During the course of the treatment I have learnt a lot about myself, grown in self-confidence and have gained an arsenal of tools with which I can approach difficult or anxious situations. In short, I would highly recommend the services of Dr Nath."

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"Life events relating to relationship breakdown, separation, divorce, work and health merged with stress and anxiety and resulted in depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and physical pain.

Solution focused therapy was suggested to me by a counsellor I had enlisted support from via a Company helpline, which I tried alongside a number of different therapies and therapists, but no amount of self help, sympathy, positivity, affirmations, motivation, or psychobabble helped.

Lo and behold, I then found Dr Nath. Simply put, the man was genius (and better value than any Harley Street quack) at getting me to understand my situation, why things had happened and putting my life together. All without being critical and judgmental. He knew when it was best to listen, talk and more importantly when it was time to get me to act. Then followed up and continued to support me until I was able to support myself again. He was able to comprehend the complexities, the depths and layers of the physical and mental challenges that had intertwined to leave me burnt out.

My daughter (aged 14 at the time) has also been under his care and can wholeheartedly recommend his services to any teenager or family, especially where relationships are faltering.

All in all, it's been more than counselling, CBT, solution focused therapy and a myriad of other techniques. I am at a loss to best describe his technique, but it works. I honestly know I would not have the happy relationship I do with my daughter, family members and the people around me, nor be alive today, if it had not been for the help from Dr Nath."

"I have worked with Dr Nath for the last couple of years and have found him to be a great doctor and expert guide to help with my anxiety and depression issues. When I first started seeing Dr Nath I was depressed, overwhelmed, burnt out and scared about what my future looked like. This was all originally triggered by body image anxiety. With the help of Dr Nath I quickly got back to my happy, positive self again, whilst continuing to build habits in my life to help prevent anxiety taking over again. I’m very grateful that I have been taught and given the tools to help me better deal with troubling thoughts and worries that are associated with my anxiety."

"Before I began treatment with Dr Nath, I felt absolutely hopeless. I had convinced myself that no one was capable of understanding what I was going through, or that I may even not be suffering from OCD after all and was just making it all up. Through a series of quite remarkable and vigorous CBT sessions, I am happy to say I am now multiple times better off than before. Looking back, it seems like another lifetime that I was chained to compulsions, which sometimes went deeper than I realised. Dr Nath is, in my experience, highly competent and professional at his work. He took the time to really get to the roots of my problems, and then showed me how I could tackle them. As a result, I am now a changed person. Additionally, Dr Nath has given me the capability and understanding to take on any further challenges which arise from my OCD in the future. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

"I have been working at university for 30 years, and am now a senior professor. I have known Dr Nath since 2015 and continue to work with him on a weekly basis.

Dr Nath has taught me how to recognise emotions I hadn't realised I was feeling, have an internal conversation with them, and thus give myself the opportunity to separate my behaviour from those emotions if I want. It is a wonderful experience to have the paralysing effect of negative emotions lifted in both my personal and professional life, and to have the confidence that as I continue to work with Dr Nath, they will be lifted yet further.

One concrete example is that Dr Nath helped me to step back from a tangle of complex personal anxieties, so that I could (and can continue to) return to my professional life. These skills that Dr Nath taught me have - to my happy surprise - also helped me make far more efficient use of my time in teaching, research and administration; and then to preserve the recovered time for myself.

I find it quite remarkable how much Dr Nath has already helped me, on so many levels."

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"A couple of years ago I went through a bad patch and I was lucky enough to work with Dr Nath for a period of eight weeks to help me overcome anxiety and panic attacks. At the time I was finding it hard to cope with every day life in some aspects, and was frightened about what was happening to me. I could not believe that in under eight weeks I was completely better; I have never looked back. Dr Nath is an excellent consultant, and I have since recommended him to several friends and work colleagues. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him."

"I sought help from Dr Nath for anxiety and depression which I had been suffering from acutely for several months but latently so for many years. Dr Nath helped me to gain control of these aspects of my life, through the use of exercises and techniques that turned overwhelming negative emotions into opportunities for understanding and self-development. I have no doubt that his services precipitated my recovery and gave me a much stronger and balanced personal view. It has also given me hope in knowing that I can now utilise the skills and personal understanding gained from my eight sessions with him to face difficult times in the future. I see my time with Dr Nath as having been fundamental in building my new, and very exciting, positive outlook on life."

"I consulted Dr Nath for support dealing with anxiety and depression. These had been issues I had been living with for some years and which were growing worse as my work and home responsibilities grew. I had sought support from counsellors on three separate occasions but with very little lasting effect. Dr Nath was recommended by a friend of a work colleague. He offered an initial consultation which was extremely thorough, after which I was given time to decide if I wanted to begin treatment. I had eight sessions over a three-month period which Dr Nath tailored to my needs. The sessions felt structured but there was flexibility, which allowed for a change of direction if I didn't feel something was right for me or if something meant my needs had changed. At the start of our work, I was concerned that after just eight sessions I would not have made enough progress. However, by the end of my treatment I was confident I had and that I had all the tools I needed to live and work in a way I didn't think was possible before. Dr Nath was extremely professional yet very easy to talk to and work with. The relatively small amount of time and money I invested in this treatment has significantly improved my quality of life in very many ways."

"I have been suffering from depression for many years and decided to seek help, as recognising that you have a problem is the first step you can take. The next one is to get better by becoming more aware of your own actions, lifestyle and coping with difficult situations. I managed all that with the help of Dr Nath, who introduced me to new techniques/exercises to help mould the new me. I implemented all of his recommendations in my everyday life and became a better person, managing my depression so it doesn't affect my life as much as it used to. I feel much more in control of my decisions, have the ability to simply say no to all the things that make me feel worse, and that's the biggest freedom of all, the power to say 'no'. I would highly recommend Dr Nath's approach to everybody wanting to improve their quality of life!"

"I first went to see Dr Nath in 2016, when having a personal crisis. I found him charming, insightful and - most importantly - full of practical suggestions. He made me question assumptions I had lived with for years. I had seen other therapists before, but none had been so effective in making me ask myself questions I should have posed years ago. The usual relationship with therapists is very one-sided. But Dr Nath shared much more than I had experienced before: it felt more like a conversation than therapy."

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"I have known Dr Nath since May 2015, when – feeling rather desperate about a complicated family situation emerging around my ageing parents - I sought help in the town of Woodstock where my parents live, and where I was spending a few months helping to care for them. I shall be forever grateful that Dr Nath is the professional I chanced upon. Part of my confidence in the care package surrounding my parents comes from the fact that Dr Nath was able to see my mother. I had the privilege of introducing them, and joining some of their early sessions. Their first meeting was a real eye-opener for me. My mother is in the mid-stages of dementia, where so many interactions with professionals bring out confusion, anxiety and distress. Not so with Dr Nath. From the first moment of meeting her, he was able to bring out the lively, intelligent, insightful and caring artist my mother has always been. Her level of fear and anxiety diminished under his care, and she tells me that he was able to understand her (complex) emotions surrounding her current life and her family, and that he was able to help her feel stronger, and more in control of her life. I have had the good fortune to watch Dr Nath at work with somebody I care about very deeply. I have been quite struck by his approach of absolute candour towards myself and my mother (for whom it is like a breath of fresh air, as our society tends to be rather patronising towards dementia). I have learned a lot from him about the power of such honesty, and the healthy environment it creates for all involved."

"Dr Nath came to Wimbledon College at the start of term in 2005/2006. It was obvious from the start that he was keen to learn about all the workings of the School, the staff and the pupils. Referrals soon came in, numerous issues coming to light, and "our Consultant" was put to work. The first year was a learning curve both for Dr Nath and myself as I had the experience and knowledge regarding the School and Dr Nath had the theoretical knowledge but had not practised in an educational setting. At the end of the first year, I asked with trepidation if there was a chance that the contract could be extended and was rewarded with not one but two more years! Dr Nath was regarded by all as another member of staff and the pupils were all aware of his presence in the School. Over the course of three years, Dr Nath worked with a number of pupils, covered an array of concerns, and was a steadfast rock for some of the boys. A true professional in every sense of the word, a sensitive listening ear for the boys and staff, with a delightful sense of humour. His dedication to his work here in the School and in his studies deserved to be rewarded. As a Jesuit School, the boys are encouraged to live up to the ideal of "Men for Others" and the School was very proud to have had the opportunity of helping him to become “Doctor” Nath and to know that so many more people will benefit from his dedication."

"I had the pleasure of utilising Dr Nath for the three-year period he worked as a consultant at The Merton Youth Awareness Programme. During this time Dr Nath proved to be a most effective consultant and a real asset to the team. Although I manage a large service, Dr Nath stood out. Dr Nath is extremely professional and we used his professionalism to open doors to us that in the past had remained firmly shut. One organisational client in particular were very suspicious of outside services being allowed to work within their premises. Dr Nath worked there and now they are one of our biggest supporters. I cannot praise Dr Nath enough. He is a thoroughly decent person, a consummate professional and totally reliable. Everyone at MYAP misses him and wishes him well for the future."

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